Fluid Grids by Ethan Marcotte
The article talks about using the grid flexibly; a fluid grid. With more clients requesting capabilities with mobile device, he explains the importance of flexibilities when building a website. Later he had some examples of CSS3 that would make a website more flexible with regular desktop monitors or mobile phones.

The Golden Ratio in Web Design by Jarel Remick
This article explains the golden ratio of web design. It breaks down a typical web site into basic elements like the container, logo, header, navigation, main content, sidebar and footer. Then further describe each one in details. In the end it briefly talked about the golden ratio, the magic number 1.62. We can set a width for a website and then divide the number by 1.62, and the result will be how wide the column should be.

Designing with Grid Based Approach by Vitaly Friedman
The article explains important reasons to use grid in building a web-site. The main reason is to have a solid visual and structural balance of web-sites. It also listed quotes of some rules when we design the grid, for examples the golden ratio, rule of thirds, adding flexibilities by breaking down the grid into more columns.